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ESD Research

Manitoba Research

Sustainability Policies at the School Division Level in Manitoba: The status of policy development and its relationship to actions in schools (Adobe Icon 511 KB) – This report, prepared by IISD, looks at how sustainability policies at the school division level in Manitoba intersect with what happens in schools. The authors observe a "real movement" among many Manitoba schools to promote sustainability.

Measuring Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours toward Sustainable Development: Two Exploratory Studies (Adobe Icon 445 KB) – The United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development seeks to encourage changes in behaviour towards sustainable development. IISD, Manitoba Education, the University of Manitoba and the Institute for Social Research and Evaluation at the University of Northern British Columbia (ISRE) initiated work in 2007 to better understand the current levels of awareness and understanding of sustainable development among Manitoban adults and youth. This paper is a first attempt to devise standardized tests for knowledge, attitudes and behaviors toward sustainable development, in adults and youth.

Conference Report: Choose the Future: Education for Sustainable Development (Adobe Icon 2.2 MB) – Held in Winnipeg, Canada, November 26-28, 2008, this international conference was planned for everyone who understands that education is required to sustain our future." These proceedings present abstracts of the keynote presentations and the concurrent sessions that took place over the three days. This conference was a project of the Manitoba Education for Sustainable Development Working Group.

National Research

Report to UNECE and UNESCO on Indicators of Education for Sustainable Development
Report for Canada October 2007
(Adobe Icon 845 KB) – CMEC has been partners with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and Environment Canada since the adoption of the UNECE Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development.  In 2007, the three organizations collaborated on the preparation of this report.

International Research

UNECE Strategy for Education: Sustainable Development (Adobe Icon 226 KB) – The aim of the above strategy is to encourage UNECE member States to develop and incorporate ESD into their formal education systems, in all relevant subjects, and in non formal and informal education.