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Successful Recipients of the ESD Grants for 2016

This year Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning awarded 21 schools ESD grants with amounts up to $2000 each, for sustainability based action projects. Many schools continue to develop outdoor classrooms and engage in school greening initiatives, where students can interact with nature. Some schools proposed plans to further student engagement, while others sought creative economic solutions that benefit the school and community.

Bowsman School: Bowsman School Horticulture Initiative

The funds will go toward a horticulture project focusing on gardening. Students will experience the benefits of managing natural resources, living a healthy lifestyle and fostering diversity in ecosystems.

Brock Corydon School: The Learning Garden

An open composting garden will be created to replace the obsolete composting containers on the school grounds. The collected soil will be used in the school ecosystem and be available to the surrounding community.

Cold Lake School: Cold Lake Composting

The school will use the funds to upgrade a thriving recycling program and add a composting program that will serve as a hub for the town’s compostable waste.

École R. W. Bobby Bend School: School Composting Program

After setting up infrastructure to support a three-bin composting rotation, training will be provided for students on maintaining a compost bin, with assigned schedules for collection, maintenance and data collection.

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École Stanley Knowles School: Bike Maintenance Depot

A bike depot will be set up on school grounds for students to work on maintenance and repair of their own bikes as well as others, and to promote active transportation.

Governor Semple School: Learning Blossoms in Nature’s Playground

Taking inspiration from student sketches of their dream playground, the school will construct an “adventure playground” with the goal of creating curiosity-driven engagement with the outdoors.

Grant Park High School: Geodesic Dome, Hydroponics, and Vertical Gardening

This three part project involves students and teachers researching, building, and maintaining a geodesic dome, a self-sustaining hydroponic system, and numerous vertical gardens for areas that require a small gardening footprint.

Greenway School: Outdoor Classroom and Gardens

The outdoor space being implemented will take inspiration from the students drawings and diagrams and will provide a deeper understanding of the environment and how to maintain it.

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H. S. Paul School : Indoor Greenhouse

A greenhouse will be constructed to connect students to nature and specifically the ease and reward of growing their own food. The produce from the greenhouse will be used in the school canteen, and will be given to students for lunch and snacks.

John Henderson School : Outdoor Classroom Expansion

Through curricular outcomes, students will work on expanding the outdoor classroom of the school by adding a large composter, reclaimed wood benches, garden boxes, and rain water collection system.

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Landmark Elementary School: Grow to Give Greenhouse Improvements

The thriving greenhouse on the school grounds will be improved to better serve the school and community. The student-initiated plans for the greenhouse include improvements to the floor, the heat sync system, the motors and ventilation system.

Minto School: Growing Change

The school plans to start a garden on school grounds, and the implementation and management of the gardens will be done by students. The garden will connect students to local food banks and their community as a whole.

Oak Lake Community School: Environment Citizenship: Lessons for a Sustainable Future

The school will be reinforcing its philosophy on civic responsibility, local and global concerns and environmental stewardship through a variety of activities and programs to be integrated into their character education programming while meeting curricular outcomes.

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Peonan Point School: Peonan Point Greenhouse

A four season greenhouse will be constructed at the school to provide the community with fresh produce, and save families in the area from having to drive long distances to stores with limited healthy options.

Southwood School: Learning Courtyard and Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will be constructed with help from the local high school, and used to plant and harvest vegetables. The local retirement home will provide support, and proceeds from the garden will be donated to a nearby soup kitchen.

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Springfield Heights School: Friendship Garden and Creek Bed

The school will add a garden and maintain the creek bed in their current green space. The school-wide theme of “Have the Courage to Make a Difference” will tie into relevant, meaningful learning activities using the new additions to the school grounds such as the Friendship Bench.

Ste. Marie School: Tranquility Water Catchment Learning Garden

The school is planning to add a Learning Garden designed to catch rain water for the butterfly and vegetable gardens close by. The students of the school have been caring for herbs and vegetables indoors, and these will be transplanted into the completed garden.

Stevenson-Britannia School: Planting the Seeds of Learning and Growing a Healthier Future

The school will create a partnership with the middle and senior years schools to build planter boxes for the school playground where students can experience gardening. Timelines and schedules for garden maintenance will be decided by students, and the school daycare has offered to water the garden over summer.

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Stony Mountain School: Growing Through the Seasons Escape Project

Students, staff and volunteers will aid in the construction of a learning garden, to promote awareness of different ecosystems, environmental stewardship and Aboriginal perspectives and allow nature to become the framework for learning across the curriculum.

Valley Gardens Middle School : Four Directions Outdoor Classroom

For the focus of the outdoor classroom, the school will use the medicine wheel to teach fundamental values of harmony, balance and respect as part of sustainable ways of living.

Warren Elementary School: Digging In: A Learning Garden

A gardening program will be initiated featuring raised garden beds and native Manitoba plants. Students will focus on attracting pollinators and learning about gardening techniques that have historical connections to the local area.

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