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Successful Recipients of the ESD Grants for 2014

This year Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning awarded 21 schools ESD grants with amounts up to $2000 each, for sustainability based action projects . Many schools continue to develop outdoor classrooms and engage in school greening initiatives, where students can interact with nature. Some schools proposed plans to further student engagement, while others sought creative economic solutions that benefit the school and community.

Arthur Day Middle School: WE Are The Change

Students will be forming an extra-curricular social justice group involved in humanitarian action pertaining to local and global issues. They will participate in peer-education through student voice and gardening/composting programs.

Carman Collegiate: Health and Well-Being Project

Grade 11 Biology students will interact with local healthcare and mental health professionals, educators and members of the community to gain an understanding of public health issues and explore career opportunities.

Cormorant Lake School: Cormorant Community Learning Circles

The school will provide both students and their community with outdoor spaces to hold classes, cultural learning sessions and celebrations. The project will engage students and incorporate economic, environmental and socio-cultural areas..

Dawson Trail School: Outdoor Classroom

Students and staff will work together in the planning and implementation of an outdoor classroom to promote learning activities outside the conventional classroom.

École James Nisbet School: Playground Project

The school will create a space to facilitate outdoor experiences for children, and provide a natural learning environment through a natural SMART BOARD – an outdoor setting the students will use to explore their world.

Edmund Partridge Community School: Teaching Garden

The teaching garden will provide an outdoor educational learning space and a way for teachers to integrate Aboriginal perspectives, by connecting students to their environment and exploring the history of the first people.

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Elmwood High School: Giant’s Green Space

A school garden created to educate students on sustainability in a hands-on setting. Yields from the garden and greenhouse will be donated to local food shelters.

Erickson Collegiate Institute: The Floating Classroom

Teachers will plan a collaborative inquiry project involving students from the collegiate and Onanole Elementary, to tackle the issue of water quality in the community and worldwide. The sessions will “float” between the two schools as well as involve trips outside the school to set goals for sustainable practices.

Frontier Mosakahiken School: Making Biodiesel

Grade 10 science students will collaborate to develop fuel from renewable resources, which will be used for the school tractor as well as community vehicles.

John G. Stewart Alternative School: JGS & Knowles Centre Garden Bed

Students will maintain and manage their new garden to the benefit of the school’s Culinary Arts program and Winnipeg Harvest, as well as growing native flowers for fundraisers and cultural education.

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Julie Lindal School: Enchanted Garden

A landscaping effort between the school and community will create a garden to educate students in garden maintenance. Students will gain an appreciation for their surroundings, as well as skills for healthy living.

Lockport School: Outdoor Classroom

The school will be improving their current Outdoor Classroom by changing the physical landscape to better educate students for sustainable development. A pathway will be created along the school’s pond, and the remaining soil will help shape the pond and create more gardening space.

Margaret Park School: Greening the Grounds

Gardening boxes, rain barrels and compost bins will be installed to get students involved in various garden maintenance tasks, as well as growing produce to learn about healthy eating habits.


Morris School: Electric Motorcycle

After learning in class about sustainable energy options, students will have the opportunity to see the benefits of renewable energy by constructing a functioning electric-powered motorcycle.

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate: Youth Conference – Sustainability and Climate Change

Student groups will lead a sustainability conference to help the school population see the importance of their actions on the issue of climate change. Conference sessions will be supplemented by a keynote speaker.

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Pinawa Secondary School: Green on the Outside/Green on the Inside

Additions will be made to the current community garden in the form of benches, tables, three garden plots and water collection stations. An indoor “green room” will be constructed with wall gardens, composting and recycling stations.

Rivers Collegiate: Wetlands Center of Excellence

The school is in year 2 of a five-year plan to develop a nature-based facility for the purpose of exposing students to biodiversity in their area, as well as offering mentorship opportunities between the collegiate and elementary-aged students.

Victory School: Sarah’s Garden Revitalization

Students will have an opportunity to plan, research and care for a garden with the addition of six new planters to the existing “Sarah’s Garden”.

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Wayfinders: Wayfinder Vegetable Garden

The current garden will have its capacity increased, and both field trips and professional development sessions will contribute towards the “100 in 1” improvement plan; a worldwide initiative dedicated to creating acts of urban change.

William Morton Collegiate Institute: Green Warriors Enviro Club

The current student-run canteen looks to minimize current produce costs through the construction and maintenance of a school garden.

Winnipeg Beach School: Beyond Our Doors

The outdoor classroom will be expanding through garden additions, planting of a variety of shrubs and plants, and adding two stone benches for a meeting place.

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