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Successful Recipients of the ESD Grants for 2007

This year Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning and Manitoba Hydro awarded 10 schools grants of $2000 each. The proposals are an excellent example of the dedication and creativity that Manitoba educators and their students exhibit in the field of education for sustainable development. This grant will be expanded to fund 15 schools for the 2008-09 school year.

The successful applicants are focusing on the following initiatives:

Arthur A. Leach School: Human Interactions with the Environment

Their unit has a grade 7 interdisciplinary focus and is to be developed around Global Warming. Students will be expected to design and implement an action plan for the school to address their environmental concerns. Students will plan school wide activities and present their findings to the student body during a designated week to coincide with Earth Day 2008.

Daniel McIntyre Collegiate: Environmental Education through Water Stewardship

Their unit has a grade 9/10 interdisciplinary focus and will build on the previous years wetland ecology unit. They are developing a wetland stewardship program around Omand's Creek. They will also travel to Gimli to receive instruction from local scientists on cost effective and sustainable measures to improve water quality in Lake Winnipeg. The grade 9 students will continue to be involved in community clean up initiatives. Sharing of the project will be done through the DMCI website.

École Lansdowne immersion : École pour la promotion des droits de la personne - Human Rights School

This project has a grade 5/6 human rights focus. The students will begin by setting up a united classrooms initiative .They will then partner with other groups in the community to examine areas where the school can have a positive impact on helping to bring human rights and social justice to the community at large. Sharing the vision and curriculum for the project will be done by connecting with other schools.

George McDowell School: The Seine River Watershed Project

This project has a grade 3/4 Seine River Watershed focus. The students will investigate the watershed of the river and its' water quality while incorporating the study of the fresh water environments and ecosystems found there. The goal is to develop solutions to issues raised by their river analysis. Students will create video documentaries which can be shared at assemblies and community information meetings.

Lockport School: Biodiversity in the Lockport Outdoor Ecology Education Centre

This initiative has a K-12 involvement which will focus around their Outdoor Ecology Centre. Teachers and students from grades 7-12 will develop a sustainability unit and then the students will work as interpreters as they offer a variety of biodiversity programs for the elementary students in the area.

Ste. Rose School: Living Things and Our Environment

Their unit will involve grades 1 and 5 and will focus on biodiversity, habitat and agriculture. The grade 5 students will partner with the grade 1 students as they begin their plant study helping to foster the understanding of climate, economics of local agriculture and energy efficiency. Sharing the results of the collaboration will be done through the school newspaper and parent committee.

École secondaire Sisler High School: Environmental Science and Sustainable Development

Within the grade 11 curriculum, using the Current Topics in the Sciences course, students will develop a unit designed to reduce the schools environmental footprint. Students will also investigate the potential reduction in electrical demand by the building, by placing a wind turbine on the school. They will share their results with the local community to increase awareness of sustainability issues and potential solutions via television, local newspapers, school website and special events.

Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate: Renewable Energy Sources: A Cross Curriculum Project for the Future

Primarily a grade 10 focus but involving all the students in the school, this project has a clean energy focus. Students will investigate the technology, environmental impact and economics of alternative energy with an ultimate goal of taking the school "off the grid" by 2010. At the conclusion of the project they would like to have a Celebration of Success to showcase the students projects and the integration of solar/wind technology into the school.

Virden Collegiate Institute: Water Conservation/Land Management Course

Using the grade 11-12 curriculum the first objective of this project is to continue to support the concept of a "green" school. The second objective is to develop and deliver a school initiated course on environmental stewardship and water management. The course would also include a field component. Information about the project will be communicated to the public through the Fort La Bosse website, local newspapers and school newsletters.

Windsor School: A is for Apple

Involving all students from K-9, this is a school-wide inquiry project on apples. Each grade will approach the apple theme within the curricular connections to sustainability. The project demonstrates the potential for an interdisciplinary approach and the opportunity to value and build on learning from each successive grade level. Students and staff will share their learning with other school divisions.

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