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Schools may achieve Awareness Level only once. Applications are due May 15 each year.

Sample Activities at the Awareness Level

Awareness Level

A school community at this level has a general awareness of the principles and practices of sustainability and may be engaged in ESD activities such as the following:

  • Announcements, notices, and messages that reinforce awareness of sustainability
  • Anti–bullying campaigns
  • Challenges and reminders to reduce waste, energy, water etc
  • Presentations from organizations on sustainable practices
  • Community service programs and volunteer programs that support social well-being
  • Cyber-bullying information
  • Earth Day awareness programs
  • Recognition of international days related to social, environmental, and economic health and well-being such as World Water Day
  • Green Kids programs
  • Healthy and garbage-less lunches
  • Awareness and promotion of personal safety
  • Posters, audio-visual, or multimedia presentations that focus on health of the environment, of society, and of the economy
  • Guest speakers and community fieldtrips related to sustainability themes
  • Professional development time allotted to ESD
  • Recycling programs where students and staff participate
  • Teaching that promotes and encourages practices of active, responsible citizenship
  • School vision, mission statement and student code of conduct that reflect citizenship and ESD principles.
  • Students collaborate in shared studies on ESD issues
  • Teachers collaborate to plan ESD themes and studies
  • Sharing of ESD information and activities between home and school, by newsletters, school websites or other means
  • Student assemblies that include ESD related messages or presentations
  • Student presentations and activities are planned to include a component of citizenship and environmental responsibility
  • Students learn about the consumer society and sustainable consumption
  • School establishes and publicizes a no-idle zone
  • School campaign to encourage bicycle use and active transportation
  • School establishes and maintains bicycle racks
  • School encourages public transit and ride-sharing, anti-idling
  • School and class celebrations of ethno-cultural diversity
  • student-produced videos and audio-visual productions dealing with sustainable lifestyles
  • school welcoming programs and policies of inclusion

Submission Chart

Fill in the chart and attach documents as necessary to explain how your school fulfills all of the criteria for the Awareness level.

MS-Word Fillable Form (MS-Word Icon 53 KB)