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Schools may achieve Action Level only once. Applications are due May 15 each year.

Sample Activities at the Action Level

Action Level

A school community at the action level includes ESD awareness and is characterized by a school community that practices ongoing sustainability and may be engaged in ESD activities such as the following:

  • Active transport: car pooling, bussing, bicycles, walking programs
  • Anti-poverty fund-raising and support events, e.g., 30 hour famine
  • ESD, environmental and social justice learning clubs
  • Campaigns to reduce waste, e.g., plastic bags, paper, packaging, etc.
  • Cultural and intercultural celebrations and feasts
  • Eco-challenges, e.g., school-wide paperless day, etc.
  • Schoolyard or community cleanup/ greening/ restoration
  • Communication of school activities and ESD values to community
  • Community service learning
  • Compostable / biodegradable dishes and cutlery for school events
  • Audits of school consumption: water/waste/energy/transportation
  • Calculation of ecological footprint of school population
  • Intercultural exploration
  • Social awareness campaigns, e.g. human rights, poverty, education, gender issues, quality of life
  • Daily physical activity and healthful living campaigns
  • Environmental fairs
  • Environmental/Green/Eco clubs
  • Envirothon
  • Extension of ESD best practices to home
  • Green procurement for the school
  • Greenhouse installation and maintenance
  • Innovative ESD projects
  • Installation of bicycle racks and cages
  • Collaborative programs with day cares attached to schools
  • Litter-less lunches
  • Local community involvement
  • Nutritious food choice programs in school cafeteria, canteen, and school activities
  • Gardening, composting
  • Waste reduction, comprehensive recycling programs
  • Implementation or experimentation with use of renewable energy sources
  • Reporting and/or correcting energy or resource waste in school or local community
  • Retro fit faucets /toilets /windows / lighting system in school.
  • School greening/learning gardens/butterfly gardens etc.
  • Social action projects, e.g. letter-writing, community meetings, fund-raising, partnerships
  • Student involvement in school ESD decision making
  • Sustainable consumption programs
  • Volunteer work in local community e.g., inter-generational programs
  • Walking and healthy lifestyle contests
  • Youth forums / action plans

Submission Chart

Fill in the chart and attach documents as necessary to explain how your school fulfills all of the criteria for the Action level.

MS-Word Fillable Form (MS-Word Icon 52 KB)