Manitoba School Divisions/Districts Boundaries Review Commissions: Final Report

November 1994

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Manitoba School Divisions/Districts Boundaries Review Commission

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Final Report (37.4 MB)

Supplementary Review and Recommendations, November 1995 (3.6 MB)

Cover Page(364 KB)
ISBN (42 KB)
Conveyance Letter (110 KB)
Acknowledgements(243 KB)
The Commission (66 KB)
Table of Contents (513 KB)
Introduction (1 MB)
Boundaries - Theory and History (1.7 MB)
Elsewhere in Canada (1.2 MB)
What's Working Well?/Concerns Heard by the Commission (499 KB)

Issues for Consideration:

  1. Equality versus Equity (363 KB)
  2. Manitoba - Physical and Cultural Geography (a) (1.5 MB)
  3. Manitoba - Physical and Cultural Geography (b) (2.9 MB)
  4. School Division Size
  5. Cost of Operating School Division/Districts (2.3 MB)
  6. Property Assessment and Taxation
  7. School Division/Municipal Boundaries
  8. Permeability of Boundaries
  9. Residual Fees - (Tuition Fees for Non-Resident Students)
  10. Distance Education and Technology (2.6 MB)
  11. Francophone Schools Governance
  12. Structure of Education Governance
  13. Administration and Personnel Matters and Distribution of Assets (3.1 MB)

Future Educational and Financial Implications of Change (2.7 MB)
Recommendations (A. to I.) (1.2 MB)
Recommendations (J.) (3.3 MB)
Recommendations (K.) (4.2 MB)
Implementation Plan (527 KB)
Epilogue (121 KB)
Appendices (1.9 MB)

A French version of this document is also available.