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ISO School Facilitator Roles and Responsibilities

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Schools that register students for Independent Study Option (ISO) courses usually appoint an ISO School Facilitator to act as a liaison between the student and parents, the school, and the Distance Learning Unit (DLU).

  • On the ISO student registration form, the ISO School Facilitator is asked to provide their name, email address, and contact information.
  • Upon enrollment, the school facilitator will receive a copy of the student's welcome email confirming registration. If the school facilitator has not authorized the registration or determines that an error has occurred during the registration process, they should contact the Distance Learning Unit immediately.

ISO School Facilitator Expectations:

  • Reviews students ISO registration/application form. The Distance Learning Unit does not provide academic planning or graduation requirement tracking for attending students.
  • Ensures the students have the required supplies and textbooks:
    • Course materials are mailed directly to the student's home address.
    • Resource packages are supplied by the DLU.
    • Textbooks/Resources with the abbreviation MLRC beside it are purchased from the Manitoba Learning Resources Centre (formerly the Manitoba Textbook Bureau).
  • Photocopies written assignments (maintains a copy for school record keeping) and submits all assignments, projects, or essays if mailing the assignments, or ensures that students retain a copy of the electronic assignment and assists students in submitting the assignments electronically if required. Electronic submission is not appropriate for some subject areas and is based on the requirements of the assignment.
  • Monitors student progress. ISO School Facilitators will receive emailed communication from the ISO Tutor/Markers in regards to specific student assignments as well as communication from the Distance Learning Unit staff.
    • Communicates course/exam deadlines to Grad Students.
    • Schedules regular meetings with student(s) to review progress. Progress updates are emailed monthly.
    • Reviews assignments/exams before mailing to the DLU office.
    • Assists with scheduling and planning to ensure courses are completed on time.
    • Communicates progress to Parent(s)/ Guardian(s).
    • Records ISO marks on school issued transcripts. A signed, sealed official Statement of Standing will be mailed to the student’s home address. A second signed, sealed official Statement of Standing will be forwarded to the school for the school’s record. For a student that completes a course during July and August, one mailing will be sent to the school in September.
  • Reviews incomplete/unmarked assignments that are returned to the school/student; offers support/guidance to ensure the assignment is re-done and re-submitted. Plagiarized assignments will be handled according to the school's plagiarism policy.
  • Administers and supervises the ISO tests/exams; if the ISO School Facilitator is unable to supervise, arrangements must be made to ensure there is a teacher in the room. Return written or unwritten tests/exams to the DLU.
  • Contacts the DLU on the students behalf, regarding:
    • Replacement material, course transfers, letters of enrolment, Statement of Standing, transcripts, course extensions, etc.

Please be advised that individual schools may offer more or fewer support services to
Independent Study Option students. These are recommended guidelines.

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