Distance Learning

Independent Study Option


Independent Study Option (ISO) Tutor/Markers provide assessment and tutoring to distance learning students in a specific subject area. Tutoring services are provided by phone or email. Tutor/Markers are required to use Manitoba Education Learning Management System (LMS) to receive and mark assignments and also for mark reporting. A toll free phone number is connected to the Tutor/Marker's home phone and Tutor/Markers are provided with an email address that is to be used for student communication. ISO Students mail all assignments to the Distance Learning Unit and the Distance Learning Unit forwards the mail to the Tutor/Markers. Students also have the option of uploading their assignments electronically through the LMS. Marking services are required within 7-10 days. Mailed assignments are returned to the student’s home address by the Distance Learning Unit. Assignments submitted via the LMS are marked and returned to the student through the LMS. ISO Tutor/Markers must be competent with Word, Excel and email. Training is available on the use of the LMS.

If you are interested in obtaining an annual contract to provide tutoring/marking service for the ISO program as outlined above, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form. A Valid Manitoba Teaching Certificate is required.

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