Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Student Progress Updates

Automated progress updates will be sent to students, parents/designates (if applicable), and school facilitators (if applicable) throughout the duration of the course. These electronic progress updates are being sent to the email addresses that were listed on the registration form, and are being sent from noreply@awinfosys.com. If you need to update the email addresses that were provided at the time of registration, send an email to distance.learning@gov.mb.ca referencing the student’s first and last name and the course that he/she is registered in.

Progress updates are sent at the following intervals until the student has completed the credit or has voluntarily withdrawn:

  • Welcome to the course;
  • 30 Days after registering;
  • 90 days after registering;
  • 6 months after registering;
  • 9 months after registering;
  • 11 months after registering: Course is Due to Expire in 30 Days;
  • 12 months: Course has Expired.

If an extension is purchased, then updates will continue throughout the remainder of the registration:

  • 15 months after registering;
  • 16 months after registering: Extension is Due to Expire in 60 Days;
  • 18 months: Extension has Expired.

Once the credit is complete, students, parents/designates and school facilitators will receive an email indicating that the final mark has been issued. A signed, sealed Statement of Standing and a Student Course Marks Detail Report will also be mailed to the student’s home address. If the student is attending a Manitoba school, a second signed, sealed copy will be mailed to the school. Only the signed, sealed documents should be considered official documents. Upon receipt of these documents, the school may add the credit to school-issued transcripts.

If interim marks are required to support applications to post-secondary institutions or to provide to an employer, use the Request for Marks Form.

If you require the Distance Learning Unit to issue a diploma, once the final mark has been issued, submit the Diploma Request Form.

Throughout the course, assignment feedback and marks to date are also available to the student through Blackboard Learn. Students are issued a username and password at the time of registration.

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