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The Special Language Credit Option is a challenge-for-credit mechanism that allows students in high school to obtain credits for proficiency in languages other than English or French, which are the two official languages of instruction in Manitoba. Schools are responsible for coordinating and administering Special Language Credit Option examinations.

Spanish is the official language of Spain, Mexico, most nations in Central and South America, and a number of Caribbean nations.

Course Name Subject Code Subject Designation ISO Designation
Grade 9 Spanish (10G) 1081 10G 002

Each listing of a subject name is followed by a unique 10-digit code made up of three parts:

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Grade 9 Spanish (10G) 1 credit (2012)

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Option 1 - Continuous Intake

Course Code 1081 10G 002

Class # 1420

Tutor/Marker: T. Schneider

This course introduces students to the history, geography, and diversity of Hispanic culture. This course provides learning opportunities in the basic Spanish language arts: reading, writing, viewing, speaking, and listening. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to speak, comprehend, read, and write Spanish at a basic level of proficiency. Students are required to record and submit audio samples throughout the course that contributes to their overall final mark. Students are provided with dialogues and reading passages to improve speaking, listening, and reading comprehension skills. Students are encouraged to read, listen to Spanish songs, and interact with Spanish-speaking people.

Evaluation is based on:

4 Exercises 10%
Oral Test (end of Module 2) 10%
2 Assignments 20%
Midterm Examination (after Module 2) 20%
Final Examination (after Module 4) 40%
Total 100%

All assignments must be attempted, a minimum mark of 40% is required on all supervised pieces of assessment (midterm and final exam), and an overall final mark of 50% or greater must be obtained in order for the Distance Learning Unit to issue a final mark.


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Option 2 - Espagnol, 9e année (10G)
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