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Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Indigenous Studies

The Independent Study Option offers the following level in Indigenous Studies.

Course Name Subject Code Subject Designation ISO Designation
Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies 0103 40S 000

Each listing of a subject name is followed by a unique 10-digit code made up of three parts:

  • Subject code. A 4-digit number that identifies each subject.
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  • ISO designation. A 3-digit number that identifies the course version.
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Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies (40S) 1 credit (2019)

Course Code 0103 40S 000

Class # 1633
Tutor/Marker: C.Wyatt Anderson

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The Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies course describes the exploration of the histories, traditions, cultures, worldviews, and current issues of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and worldwide. You will gain knowledge and develop the values, as well as the critical thinking, communication, analytical, and inquiry skills, that will enable you to better understand past and present realities of Indigenous peoples. You will also explore topics such as self-determination, self-government, and language and cultural reclamation that will allow you to understand and work towards the post-colonial future envisioned by Indigenous peoples.

This course is based on Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings (Adobe Icon 68 KB)

Evaluation is based on:

Modules Assignments Weight
Module 1: Image and Identity
  • A 1.1: Exploring Pimatisiwin: The Medicine Wheel
  • A 1.2: Exploring Cultural Representations
Module 2: A Profound Ambivalence: First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Relations with Government
  • A 2.1: The Métis Nation
  • A 2.2: Treaties, the Indian Act, and Self-Determination
Module 3: Toward a Just Society: Social Justice Issues
  • A 3.1: Poverty
  • A 3.2: Social Justice Issues
Module 4: Indigenous People of the World
  • A 4.1: Indigenous Peoples of the World
Module 5: Taking a Stand and Taking Action *
  • A 5.1: Taking a Stand and Taking Action
Final Exam (Modules 1-5)   30%
Total   100%

* The final assignment in the course, Assignment 5.1, is a large assignment worth a significant amount of marks (100), which is reflected in the weight of the assignment. It is titled “Taking a Stand and Taking Action,” and you will have the choice of completing one of two options. It is recommended that Assignment 5.1 be reviewed early in the course so that students can begin to think about it throughout the entire course. 

All assignments must be attempted, a minimum mark of 40% is required on all supervised pieces of assessment (final exam), and an overall final mark of 50% or greater must be obtained in order for the Distance Learning Unit to issue a final mark.

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