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Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Human Ecology

The Independent Study Option offers the following levels in Human Ecology. Please list the Subject Code, Subject Designation, and the ISO Designation on the application to identify the course(s) required.

Course Name Subject Code Subject Designation ISO Designation
Grade 12 Family Studies (40S) 0487 40S 000

Each listing of a subject name is followed by a unique 10-digit code made up of three parts:

  • Subject code. A 4-digit number that identifies each subject.
  • Subject designation. A 3-character code that identified the grade and level of a course.
  • ISO designation. A 3-digit number that identifies the course version.
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Grade 12 Family Studies (40S) 1 credit (2019)

Course Code 0487 40S 000

Class # 1655
Tutor/Marker: L. McPherson

Release Date: Fall 2019

Course Preview (Adobe Icon 1.0 MB)

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Preregistration Information:

Some of the content and issues pertaining to Family Studies (40S) may be sensitive for some students and their parents/families and/or communities. This sensitivity may be based on family, religious, and/or cultural values. You are encouraged to review the Course Preview as well as the description before registering for this course. Once registered, students are required to complete all assignments as written. Substitution of assignments or opting out of assignments will not be permitted.

The Grade 12 Family Studies course emphasizes the transition from adolescence toward adulthood. In this course, you will learn about developing healthy interpersonal relationships, and about making informed and responsible life-management choices.

You will be introduced to theories of human development and the field of developmental psychology. As you learn about how humans change throughout life, you will also examine the important role environment plays in developing personality, character, and self-concept. You will learn about developing positive human relationships, including intimate relationships, during different phases of adulthood, examining topics such as sexuality, gender, reproduction and contraception.

As you focus on the roles and responsibilities that accompany adulthood, you will examine various sources of stress that affect families and communities and learn about strategies to manage them. You will also explore topics related to family finances and employment and the importance of maintaining family-work-life balance. In addition, you will learn about diverse family structures, partner relationships, and parenting situations. Finally, you will learn about some of the challenges facing older adults in Canada, including challenges related to health, relationships, living arrangements, financial situations, and end-of-life care.  

Unit 1: Human Development
Unit 2: Relationships
Unit 3: Diversity of Individuals, Partnerships, and Parenting
Unit 4: Parenthood
Unit 5: Life Stages and Family Responsibilities
Unit 6: Older Adulthood

Evaluation is based on:


  • Assignment 1.1: Identity Formation
  • Assignment 1.2: Personality and Human Development
  • Assignment 1.3 Multiple Intelligences and SMART Goals
  • Assignment 2.1: Resolving Conflict in Relationships
  • Assignment 2.2: Resources for Dealing with Stress or Violence Issues
  • Assignment 3.1: Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Assignment 3.2: Partner Relationships and Parenting
  • Assignment 4.1: Family Finances - Option A OR Option B OR Option C
  • Assignment 5.1: Older Adulthood - Option A OR Option B
Final Exam (Modules 1 to 5) 25%
Total 100%

All assignments must be attempted, a minimum mark of 40% is required on all supervised pieces of assessment (final exam), and an overall final mark of 50% or greater must be obtained in order for the Distance Learning Unit to issue a final mark.


Required and optional resources are available within the Learning Management System (LMS). Registered students will receive a username and password.

Resource People

You will need to have access to resource people several times during this course. For two assignments, you will be given two options, one of which will involve interviewing someone:

  • A 4.1, Option A, involves an interview about family finances with someone who has been in the workforce for at least 10 years) e.g., a family friend, a relative, an acquaintance).
  • A 5.1, Option A, involves an interview with someone 60 years of age or older (e.g., a family friend, a relative, someone in your community) about a topic relevant to older adults.


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