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Independent Study Option

Credit Recovery/Credit Continuation

As part of the response planning for Grade 9-12 learning during the COVID-19 suspension of classes, Manitoba Education is providing the credit recovery/credit continuation modules as part of the teacher-directed learning options to support teachers provide services to students without access to technology.

This option is available to Manitoba teachers only. It is the teacher’s responsibility to select and request the appropriate module(s) that will assist them in providing printed curriculum-aligned resources to students.

Parents or students that are interested in accessing these credit recovery/credit continuation modules should contact their local school or classroom teacher.

Important: Credit Recovery Modules are available in Print format only.

  • Order one module for each student that requires a copy. Photocopying and distribution of the modules is a copyright violation.
  • Add the item to the cart. There is no limit to the number of modules you may add.
  • Place the order, complete the Credit Recovery Print Reference Materials Form with your customer, mailing and billing information.
  • Review and adjust the quantity of each module ordered in Section D Course Material.
  • Submit the order.
  • The materials will be mailed to the mailing address listed on the Request Form.
  • Teachers/Schools will be responsible for distributing the materials to students.

Note: If a student wants to register for a complete Independent Study Option course, they are available in the ISO Course Catalogue.

What is Credit Recovery?

The purpose of credit recovery is to provide students an opportunity to improve their academic record by achieving the curriculum outcomes that were not previously achieved. Credit recovery is not intended to replace programs that are already in existence, nor does it replace instruction or assessment provided by your classroom teacher.

Who will be marking the assignments?

The classroom teacher will be marking the assignments if he/she chooses to require them.

Who do I contact if I need Help?

Contact your teacher.

What is the cost?

Due to COVID-19, the Distance Learning Unit is waiving the fees for the credit recovery/credit continuation modules until June 30, 2020.

Which subjects are available?

The Distance Learning Unit has made a variety of Grade 9-12 courses available as individual modules. Please see the ISO Credit Recovery/Credit Continuation Course Catalogue for a listing of available modules that may be ordered as Print Reference Materials.

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