Is Independent Study Option for Me?
Completing this questionnaire will help you decide whether independent study is for you.
Select an answer for each question then click the "Submit Results" button.
Rate your skills   1 = never or rarely
2 = sometimes
3 = always or mostly true
1: I have a specific need to take this course. 1  2  3
2: I have work or family commitments that make it difficult to attend school therefore the Independent Study Option (ISO) is right for me; or I attend school and my school is unable to accommodate my course requirements. 1  2  3
3: I am comfortable working independently on my studies in order to learn and do not need the support of my classmates and class discussions. 1  2  3
4: I am comfortable emailing or phoning somebody with whom I am not familiar. 1  2  3
5: I have people who will be able to support me if I take an ISO course. 1  2  3
6: I am willing to make a commitment to spend the time required (approximately 110 hours) to complete this course in a maximum of 12 months. 1  2  3
7: I am an organized and self-motivated individual, and I have good study skills (e.g., I set personal goals and meet the deadlines). 1  2  3
8: I can read and understand complicated text without help. 1  2  3
9: I know how to support my learning with audio and video resources or other media formats. 1  2  3
10: I am willing to do all the work required to prepare for the tests/exams. 1  2  3
You must answer all questions.