Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Exams and Marks

As a result of the challenges posed in delivering education during the pandemic, a decision has been made to suspend the Independent Study Option (ISO) Course exams effective March 29, 2021.

  • Students may choose to write exams by contacting the Distance Learning Unit (DLU) (distance.learning@gov.mb.ca) to make arrangements. Students wishing to write an exam must contact the DLU by Friday April 30, 2021.
  • Students choosing to write an exam must be aware that the earned mark will become part of the overall course grade and may not be rescinded.
  • Each task must receive a status of Complete (CO) or a numeric (1-100) mark.
  • Students are not permitted to exclude or opt-out of an assignment.
  • An overall final mark of 50% or higher must be obtained in order to attain the credit.
  • The calculated mark-to-date displayed in the LMS is an unofficial mark.
  • All marking will be completed on or before June 18, 2021.
Exams and Marks
  • All students must write exams in a supervised setting.
  • Students are required to bring their own supplies for exams (drafting equipment, calculators, art paper, etc.).
  • Midterm exams will not be released until all assignments for the first half of the course have been submitted.
  • Final exams will not be released until all assignments for the course have been submitted.
  • Assignments do not have to be marked for exams to be released but it is recommended that students wait for feedback from their Tutor/Marker before writing.
  • A minimum mark of 40 per cent on any mid or final exam or ELA progress test will be required. Students scoring less than 40 per cent on any of the above exams/tests will be required to rewrite. An exam rewrite fee will apply.
Where to Write

School Attending Students

  • Students attending school (not including post secondary institutions) should write exams at their respective schools.
  • ISO deadline dates must be adhered to in order for marking at a distance to take place in time for school grad deadlines.
  • Exams will automatically be processed and then mailed to the school once all assignments up to the point of the exam have been received by the DLU.
  • Students should arrange a date and time with their School Facilitator to write their exam under the supervision of the school.
  • ISO students enrolled in a school program may be required by the school division or the school district to write the provincial standards test, as well as the ISO exam. Individual school and school division policies governing the administration of exams shall take precedence over ISO policies governing the same.
  • The DLU provides service to students all over the Province of Manitoba and exams are processed in order by when student assignments are submitted. Exams are mailed once a week to schools. Priority service is not available.

Home School and Adult Learning Students

Students not attending school should write their exams at one of the following settings:

  • Winnipeg: 1567 Dublin Avenue. Exam sittings take place on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 1pm and 7pm.
  • Winkler: 500-555 Main Street. Exam sitting availability is dependent on facility and staff availability at either 9am or 1pm.
  • Exam Proctor: An exam proctor is an individual selected by the student and approved by the ISO Consultant to supervise the writing of the student's exam.
    • This individual may be someone in a professional field (a teacher, retired teacher, university or college professor, pastor, minister, Commissioner of Oaths, etc.)
    • A proctor may not be a member of the student's immediate or extended family. Student's current/previous private tutor or ISO Tutor/Marker will not be approved.
    • Students should make arrangements to write all exams for each course with the same proctor.
    • Students are responsible for making the necessary arrangements associated with this option.
Exam Request Forms

Students may access Exam Request Forms through their ISO student portal. Registered students were issued a username and passwords.

Length of Examinations
Length of Exams
Level/Course Length
Grade 9 2 hours
Grades 10 and 11 2.5 hours
Grade 12 3 hours
ELA 10F and 20F progress tests have an "at-home" section which needs to be completed by the student prior to writing their progress test and must be brought to the exam sitting and handed in. Students will not have time to complete the "at-home" section during the exam sitting.
ELA 40S progress tests consist of two-2 hour sessions.

Please Note:Other time limit exceptions will be listed on individual exams.

Rescheduling Exams

A non-attending student who is scheduled to write an exam at the Dublin Avenue or Winkler locations, will only be permitted to re-schedule it for medical, bereavement or weather related reasons. Other reasons will only be considered if the student contacts the ISO office 48 hours prior to the scheduled examination sitting.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in a re-scheduling fee.

Corrected Exams
  • Corrected exams will not be returned to students. Tutor/Markers may provide written or verbal feedback to the student.
  • Midterm and Final exam marks will be posted in the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Upon completion of the final exam and course, students will receive a Report Card and an official Statement of Standing, also known as a transcript. For students attending a school, a copy will also be forwarded to the school.
  • The Distance Learning Unit will issue a Report Card if an exam mark (mid or final) is below the required minimum mark. The Report Card will outline options for an exam rewrite.
  • Students wanting to improve their exam mark after completing their course will have 30 days from the completion date listed on the Report Card to apply for, complete and have the exam returned to the DLU office in Winkler. Exam rewrites are subject to a rewrite fee.