Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Learning Management System Assignment Submissions

Most ISO courses will have the option of using the LMS for the purposes of submitting assignments to your Tutor/Marker.    

  • Upon registering in your ISO course, you will have also been enrolled in the corresponding ISO within the LMS course. 

It is the Student's Responsibility to:

  • Ensure that all submissions are clearly labeled and organized. Coversheets must be included. Disorganized/unlabeled submissions will be returned unmarked.
  • Ensure that all submissions are legible. If submitting scanned pages please make sure that dark ink has been used. Do Not submit pictures of your assignment, taken with your mobile device or digital camera. If the Tutor/Marker cannot read it, he/she cannot assess it. It will be returned unmarked. Save scanned documents as PDF documents.

Student Copy

  • It is the student's responsibility to retain at least one electronic copy of the assignment.
  • This copy should remain as the original submitted and must be available for immediate submission if the original assignment is lost.
  • This copy should remain available until the official signed and sealed Statement of Standing has been issued for the course.

Marking Expectations and Processing

  • The ISO Tutor/Marker will return the marked work to the student through the same delivery method as the work was received.
  • Students should allow up to 21 days from the date of submission to receive marked assignments.
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