Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Course Credits

Obtaining Credit for a Course
  • Students must complete all hand-in work and exams before a final grade will be issued.
  • The ISO issues a Statement of Standing for course credit to students who achieve a final grade of 50 per cent or greater.
  • A minimum mark of 40 per cent on any mid or final exam or ELA progress test will be required. Students scoring less than 40 per cent on any of the above exams/tests will be required to rewrite. An exam rewrite fee will apply.
Statements of Standing
  • Final Report Cards and official signed, sealed Statements of Standing of final marks for students attending school are mailed to the student's home address and to the ISO school facilitator. During the summer months, the duplicate statement(s) will be mailed to the school ISO facilitator during the first week of September.
  • Final Report Cards and official signed, sealed Statements of Standing of final marks for students not attending school will be mailed to the student's home address.
  • Current Independent Study Option students that require the Distance Learning Unit to forward Interim or Final Marks for their ISO courses to another educational institution on their behalf are required to completed the Request for Marks Form. The Distance Learning Unit can only report on ISO courses. If the student is taking courses from another secondary institution, the student will also need to request marks from that institution. Current students are defined as students that enrolled in or completed an ISO course within the current school year, which runs from September 1 to August 31. Students that completed credits in previous school years should request a Manitoba Statement of Marks as official marks will have been reported to Manitoba Student Records.

Students may obtain their unofficial marks via the Learning Management System (LMS).

Report Cards

Students and school facilitators are responsible to track students’ marks throughout the course. Unofficial current marks to date can be viewed on LMS. One copy of the official final report card is provided to the student and one copy is sent to the school, if the student is attending a Manitoba school. Students/schools will receive a progress report card if the student is required to rewrite an exam(s) or if the credit remains incomplete once all exams have been written.


If the Distance Learning Unit is issuing the Mature Student High School Diploma or High School Diploma one transcript will be provided. If verification of marks is required in the future students can request a Manitoba High School Mark Statement from the Student Records Unit.

Letters of Enrollment

Upon request one electronic or hard copy Letter of Enrollment will be provided for a course and forwarded to students only. Duplication and distribution of additional copies are at the student's expense. Contact 1-800-465-9915 or distance.learning@gov.mb.ca to request a Letter of Enrollment.