Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery programs help students stay in school and graduate on time. By providing students with the opportunity to improve their academic record, they begin to see that achieving a graduation diploma is not an unrealistic goal, and they are therefore more likely to continue to stay engaged in school.

A wide range of curriculum-aligned Grades 9 to 12 courses are available for in-school credit recovery programs. Schools can access reference copies of Independent Study Option (ISO) courses that teachers can use to work with students. They are not intended to replace programs that are already in existence; rather, they facilitate student success by providing students with an in-school alternative to complete outcomes they previously attempted in the classroom. Assessment is provided by the in-school teachers who work directly with the students.

ISO reference copies of courses can add more flexibility to planning and learning. Reference copies of ISO courses include course materials only, and do not include examinations, answer keys, and Tutor/Marker services. Courses are not to be duplicated due to copyright considerations.

There are two format options available:

  • Option 1 - Print based material
  • Option 2 - ISO PDF available by accessing Blackboard Learn as an individual user or school/group user.
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