Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Submitting Audio Assignments

Option 1 – Recording Audio to a Computer
  1. Make sure that a microphone is connected to the computer or your computer may have a built in microphone.
  2. Open your recording program. Many computers and operating systems have very basic recording systems installed by the factory or you can download free open source software off the Internet. Ensure that the software has the ability to save the file as a WAV file. Other file extensions cannot be accessed by your Tutor/Marker.
  3. Record your audio.
  4. Listen to the playback of your audio to make sure it is how you want it.
  5. Save the file as a WAV, WMA or MP3 file and onto the hard drive of your computer. Keep this file on your computer until you are finished this course in case it is required later.
  6. There are two options to submit your recording
    1. Copy the WAV, WMA or MP3 file to a CD, DVD or USB stick and mail it with your assignment(s) to the Independent Study Option. Please ensure your first and last name is on the CD, DVD or USB stick. The CD, DVD or USB stick will be returned to you.
    2. OR

    3. Submit the audio assignment electronically by uploading your file into the appropriate Blackboard Assignment Dropbox.

Option 2 – Phone Conversation

Contact your Tutor/Marker as the oral assignment(s) may be completed during a telephone conversation when a pre-booked time has been arranged.

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