Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Who is My Tutor/Marker? – Getting Assistance with My ISO Course

Upon registration in an ISO course, each student is assigned to a Tutor/Marker. The Tutor/Marker’s role is to:

  • provide support to ISO students
  • provide assessment of assignments and exams
  • clarify content and provide explanations for concepts that are difficult to understand
  • explain assignment expectations.

Tutor/Markers will not teach you the course – the teacher’s explanations have already been written into the ISO courses. Each Tutor/Marker can be reached through email (an email link can be found with each course description) or through the toll-free telephone number that was provided to each student at the time of registration. Students are encouraged to make contact with their Tutor/Marker shortly after registration. When contacting your Tutor/Marker please ask the following:

  • Do you have preferred office hours? If so, what are they?
  • Do you prefer contact by email or phone? What is the best way and time to reach you when I need help?

If you have questions related to assignment deadlines, scheduling and writing exams, course extensions and re-registrations, or other procedural items these inquiries should be directed to distance.learning@gov.mb.ca or call 1-800-465-9915. Tutor/Markers are not able to address these items.

When communicating with your Tutor/Marker please be sure to include:

  • your full name, (and school you attend if applicable)
  • course, and
  • the module number and assignment number that you are working on.

If leaving a voice message, please leave the best number for the Tutor/Marker to reach you at, as well as the best time of day for you to be reached. Be specific in the questions that you ask your Tutor/Marker.

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