Distance Learning

Independent Study Option

Grading and Evaluation

Submission of Assignments – Procedures and Practices
  • Students may submit assignments by one of three methods:
    • Electronic Submission via The Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Mail (Note: ALL Tutor/Markers accept mailed assignments)
    • In person delivery at the Distance Learning Unit, 500-555 Main Street, Winkler, MB, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Note: Assignments for the following courses will only be accepted by mail and not electronically due to the nature of the assignments:

  • Grade 9 Art (10S)
  • Grade 10 Art (20S)
  • Grade 9 Introduction to Drafting Design Technology (10G)
  • Grade 10 Drafting Design Technology (20G)

*Other courses may have projects that will be required to be sent in by mail.

  • Students are to follow the recommended submission intervals as outlined in the course.
  • Students are discouraged from submitting multiple sequences or modules of work at one time. Feedback from Tutor/Markers throughout the course is beneficial.
  • If multiple modules are submitted, that work may be returned to the student unmarked and/or there may be delays in receiving the marked assignments.
  • Students must use language that helps to demonstrate the knowledge of subject matter in a respectful and appropriate manner. Work may be returned unmarked if it does not meet this criterion.
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Course Completion

In all ISO courses you are allowed a maximum of two attempts on each assignment to achieve the Complete designation on each assignment. The highest mark of the attempts is the mark used in the final mark calculations. All assignments must be attempted and receive a status of "Complete" and you must achieve a minimum mark of 40% on all exams, as well as an overall final mark of 50% or greater in order for the Distance Learning Unit to issue a credit for the course.

At the Tutor/Marker's discretion he/she may require you to redo an assignment if you have not successfully met the assignment expectations or outcomes. Assignment attempts that have been marked as Redo Required or Incomplete or have received a mark of zero (0) are not considered Complete and a final mark will not be issued. Students are not permitted to exclude or "opt out" of an assignment.

When submitting redone work include the original marked assignment as well as the redone/corrected assignment so that the tutor/marker can clearly see the changes. A new cover sheet must also be included, and the cover sheet should clearly indicate which assignments are being resubmitted.

In the Learning Management System (LMS) a calculated mark to date displays. This is an unofficial mark. Your course is not considered complete until you have met the above criteria and you receive your official Statement of Standing and final Report Card from the Distance Learning Unit. Until those documents are received it is the student's responsibility to retain copies of all assignments and course notes.

For students attending a Manitoba school, the official Statement of Standing and final Report Card will be sent to the student and one copy will be sent to the school.

For students not attending a Manitoba school, the official Statement of Standing and final Report Card will be sent to the student.

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