Distance Learning

Independent Study Option


Online Registration Available!

Students can register online. Look for the Add to Cart button immediately below the course descriptions.

  • Students registering for ISO courses receive course materials, evaluation, and the granting of credits.
  • Students have 12 months from the date of registration to complete a course.
  • Submit registration and payment to the Distance Learning Unit by March 1st to allow adequate time to complete course requirements for a June school year and/or graduation.

Change to Registration Information
  • A copy of the Change of Name Certificate is to be forwarded to the ISO office when a legal name change has occurred.
Modifications and Adaptations

ISO grades 9 - 12 courses support Manitoba curriculum based outcomes at grade appropriate literacy and numeracy levels.

Learners complete ISO courses independently and at their own pace while having some access to an ISO tutor/marker via email and phone.

ISO courses are designated as General (G), Specialized (S) or Foundation (F). These designations are noted in course titles seen on report cards or transcripts.

The Distance Learning Unit does not offer Modified (M) credit courses. Schools may grant Modified (M) credits for school attending students.

  • Modification is defined as changes in the number or the content of learning outcomes a student is expected to meet in the provincial curriculum.

The Distance Learning Unit may be able to accommodate requests for adaptations to course material, assignments, exams/progress tests. The adaptations or accommodations requested are to be discussed with a Distance Learning Consultant and approved prior to registering in an ISO course. Supporting documentation will be required (i.e Individualized Education Plan, Adapted Education Plan, etc)

  • Adaptation is defined as a change made in teaching process, materials, assignments or pupil products to help a pupil achieve the expected learning outcomes.
  • Examples of the types of adaptations that the Distance Learning Unit is able to support include additional time on supervised exams, the use of an approved scribe or reader during the exam, or the use of a private space during a supervised exam sitting. Independent Study Option students will be required to complete all assignments and exams in the course as written. See Course Completion for details.
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