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The Distance Learning Unit offers easy online registration!

  • Simply select the Add to Cart button immediately below the course description
  • Choose the form that best matches your learning situation and gather the required information before proceeding
  • Complete the form
  • Review the Course Information – Does your course require a Consent Form or additional supplies or textbooks that must be purchased?
  • Submit the Admission/Registration form
  • Print a copy for your records if desired
  • Email supporting documents (Consent Forms, transcripts, report cards) to distance.learning@gov.mb.ca
  • Allow up to 10 business days for processing

Admission/Registrations Forms
Form Who uses these forms

Attending a Manitoba School Form
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  • Registered students taking Grades 9 – 12 courses
  • Registered students working from home under school supervision. The school will be responsible for providing course selection assistance and issuing diplomas (if applicable).

Attending GCEC/Doncaster School Form
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  • Students attending Gladys Cook Education Centre or Doncaster School

Adult Learner ISO Registration Form*
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*Submit a transcript with all grades 9-12 course credits if the student has not graduated from a Manitoba High School or a Manitoba Adult Education Centre or the equivalent programs in other provinces.

  • Adult Learners – over age of 18

Non Resident of Manitoba Form
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  • Not living/residing in Manitoba
  • Course materials will only be mailed within Canada
  • Former Manitoba students with previous Manitoba credits are eligible. Diplomas may be issued to former Manitoba students residing within Canada.
  • Canadian residents without previous Manitoba credits are eligible. The student is responsible for having his/her province/home institution evaluate the credit for equivalency/transfer. Diplomas can only be issued to a current or former Manitoba residents.
  • The Distance Learning Unit is unable to provide services to International students residing outside of Manitoba/Canada. International students attending a Manitoba school should register using the Attending Form.

Homeschool ISO Registration Form
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