Distance Learning

Independent Study Option Forms

Independent Study Option (ISO) courses are used by different client groups and therefore the Distance Learning Unit uses different registration forms for each group; Attending a School, Home school, Adult Learner or Non-Resident of Manitoba. Before selecting and completing the Admission/Registration Form please read “Who uses these forms” and pick the one that matches your learning situation.

For prompt processing of registrations, please ensure that your forms are correctly and completely filled out before submitting. Incomplete registration forms delay processing. Please review your form to check that:

  • You have completed the correct form for your learning situation (Attending a School, Home School, Adult, or Non-Resident of Manitoba).
  • The form contains the learner’s Legal Last Name and Legal First Name as was last registered with Manitoba Student Records.
  • Date of Birth is provided.
  • A complete mailing address is provided including Postal Code.
  • An email address is provided.
  • Supporting documentation is provided (Consent Forms, Transcripts).
  • Courses have been selected from the drop down menus within the form or the appropriate Grade level, Course Code, and Name of the Course has been entered.

The registration will only be considered complete once payment has been made. For applications with a deadline (e.g. registration extensions), please ensure that the completed form, supporting documents and payment are received by the Distance Learning Unit at least 5 business days before your deadline to allow for processing.

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