Distance Learning


Manitoba Education is pleased to present a series of brochures to increase awareness of Distance Learning programming supported by the Department. These brochures are available in English and French and are intended as resources for parents and students.

The brochures are designed to help parents and students understand that distance learning can greatly expand a student’s choices throughout Senior Years. Through distance learning, students can complete courses that may not be available at their local school. Participation of schools/divisions in distance learning education is at their discretion. Compulsory or optional courses are available in print or online format.

Independent Study Option Brochure

Independent Study Option (Adobe Icon 138 KB)
(ISO) is print-based and provides students with support by email or telephone.

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Web-Based Courses Brochure

Web-Based Course Option (Adobe Icon 186 KB)
(WBCs) are offered by teachers either at a distance or within a student’s school or division.

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Print copies of the brochures are available for purchase from the Manitoba Learning Resource Centre (formerly the Manitoba Text Book Bureau) at 1-866-771-6822 (toll-free), by fax 204-483-5041.