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For Educators: Teachers' Speak

This part of the Belonging, Learning and Growing website is dedicated to teachers’ voices and is intended to stimulate dialogue and  critical thinking through the sharing of reflections and experiences related to diversity and equity education. Features include articles and moderated discussions with teacher experts,  teacher blogs dedicated to diversity education, and links to teacher networks.

TeachersTeacher’s Diversity Blogs

  • Andrew Beatty: Technology and Education : A blog by a teacher that often includes posts related to diversity and antiracism education. See his reflections on the Ramifications of Teaching an Anti-Racist Unit.
  • Multicultural Mosaic is a site for all who want to know more about diversity and English Language Learners. The site aspires to help facilitate the teaching and learning of English by sharing information and resources and building a learning community of educators from around the world.
  • Think About It! This blog started as the result of a class assignment in course on Black Studies-White Studies. The blog features reflections on diversity, education, and ”thought-provoking classes, discussions that I’ve had and continue to have, and the suggestions of fellow humans on the path of seeking social justice throughout the world.”
  • Bill Howe on Multicultural Education : Dr. William A. Howe is the education consultant for multicultural education, gender equity and civil rights at the Connecticut State Department of Education. His blog is dedicated to sharing information on resources and sources for multicultural Education.
  • Teaching Village: Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, an  English teacher currently living in Kitakyushu, Japan created this blog to share ideas with educators working with English Language learners.

Teachers’ Networks