Curriculum Updates

Senior Years Science Development and Implementation Timelines

The purpose of this page is to inform you of the status of Senior Years science curriculum development. It also outlines the timelines for voluntary implementation of new Grade 11 and Grade 12 science curricula and the phase-out of discontinued curricula. The schedule reflects feedback from teachers and other educational partners to provide greater flexibility for schools to introduce new curricula at a pace that is sustainable.

New Senior Years Science Curricula

The goal of the Pan-Canadian Science Framework, upon which Manitoba bases its development of Senior Years science curricula, is to develop functional scientific literacy in all Canadian students. Therefore, Manitoba’s science curricula are designed to meet the needs of all students, whether or not they are pursuing post-secondary studies in science. Manitoba Education is developing new optional courses for Grades 11 and 12.

Grade 11 Current Topics in the Sciences (30S)
Grade 11 Current Topics in the Sciences (30S) examines science from a Science-Technology-Society-Environment, or issues-based perspective. This new course is designed as to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to the teaching and learning of science, and recognizes the diverse interconnectedness among the sciences as practiced today. Consequently, rather than emphasizing the principles and foundations of a particular discipline (e.g., biology), the course integrates a variety of science disciplines in order for the student to better understand a science-related issue, trend, innovation, or point of view.

The general and specific learning outcomes (GLOs and SLOs) are derived primarily from the Pan-Canadian Framework of Science Learning Outcomes K-12, and together comprise four foundations intended to continue general-interest and literacy in science. These foundations are:

  • The Nature of Science and Technology
  • Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment (STSE)
  • Scientific and Technological Skills and Attitudes
  • Essential Concepts in Science

Teachers will select the contexts, topics, and content used in the course to achieve the various SLOs, based on the students’ interests, current issues, or recognized essential areas of inquiry. Nevertheless, a common framework of prescribed learning outcomes guides the teaching and learning strategies, and assessment of the students (see attached). Suggested integrated units under development are:

  • The Science of Music and Sound
  • Climate Change in Canada
  • The Human Endeavour in Space
  • Emerging Medical and Health Technologies
  • Sports Science and the Modern Athlete
  • Mass Extinctions and the Evolution of Life on Earth
  • Water - The Liquid of Life

Current Topics 30S is intended to be of interest to a broad spectrum of students whose interests, aspirations, science background, and future plans vary.

Grade 12 Interdisciplinary Topics in Science 40S
Interdisciplinary Topics in Science 40S, currently under development, complements Grade 11 Current Topics in the Sciences 30S. Both courses are designed to provide engaging academic alternatives for those students not pursuing post-secondary science, as well as for students already enrolled in the traditional disciplines.

A draft version of the outcomes is now available. (Adobe Icon 33 KB)

For online versions of Senior Years Science curricula and related information, visit the Curriculum Documents section of the Manitoba Science website.

The chart presented here summarizes Senior Years science development and implementation timelines.

Senior Years Science Development Schedule (14 KB)