Government of Manitoba

“Growing human impacts on the earth’s ecosystems are leading to polluted air, shortages of clean water, climate change, species extinctions, and risk to human health. We need more Manitoba students than ever before to go into the sciences so that new technologies, conservation strategies and other sustainable solutions can be developed and implemented to assure our future.”
Rick Wishart, PhD– Director of Education, Ducks Unlimited

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba

Engaging Students and Encouraging Academic Success

This element includes engaging, empowering and motivating students to reach their full potential. Students who are not inspired and motivated by school will generally learn and achieve less than those who are. Action will be taken to work with school divisions and other partners to enhance student engagement in science, making sure the curriculum and how it is taught is as relevant to students’ needs as possible. This element also includes creating the conditions above which are needed for students to be successful.



  • Enhance opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge, values, attitudes, skills and experience needed to gain a deep understanding of the world around them.
  • Support schools and school divisions in their efforts to engage students in science education in schools and communities.
  • Support teachers in their efforts to increase student participation/success in science through programming and curricular activities related to science and increase their awareness of in demand career opportunities in this field.

Taking Action by

  • providing science grants to schools to support student activity
  • promoting and providing support for youth involvement in science activities and programs such as: Manitoba Mindset activities, Manitoba Envirothon, the International Students’ Science Fair, and the Youth Encouraging Sustainability (Y.E.S.) Showcase.
  • developing an interactive website where students can find information about science, have discussions, share ideas, etc.
  • providing and promoting resources for students to increase their interest and success in science
  • providing resources for students to develop awareness of career choices and educational opportunities in the field of science