Government of Manitoba

“A committed investment in science education for Manitoba students, especially those in K-12, is essential for future innovations and prosperity.”
Dr. Francis Amara, Ph.D., M.Ed - University of Manitoba

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba

A Rationale for the Action Plan

Manitoba intends to demonstrate through the Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba, a renewal of its commitment to improve student engagement in science and support professional learning for teachers.

The development of increasingly scientifically literate individuals is one of the primary focusses of a 21st century approach to K-12 science education. A scientifically literate individual can more effectively interpret information, solve problems, make informed decisions, accommodate change, and create new knowledge. Manitoba Education is responding to the challenge by providing all students with high quality science teaching and learning that supports and promotes this vision for scientific literacy.

Manitoba Education recognizes that teachers greatly influence the learning of their students, and that professional development opportunities are instrumental in implementing teaching practices that favour student engagement and success. We continue to work with stakeholders to improve learning opportunities in science for educators, which is why a major focus of the Action Plan is supporting educators and fostering partnerships.

Engaging students in science will increase the likelihood of them enrolling in science courses at the high school level. With improved engagement comes improved learning, and with improved learning comes improved self-esteem and commitment to school and community. This is why the second major focus of the Action Plan is engaging students and encouraging academic success.