Government of Manitoba
“Growing human impacts on the earth’s ecosystems are leading to polluted air, shortages of clean water, climate change, species extinctions, and risk to human health. We need more Manitoba students than ever before to go into the sciences so that new technologies, conservation strategies and other sustainable solutions can be developed and implemented to assure our future.”
Rick Wishart, PhD– Director of Education, Ducks Unlimited

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba

Goals for Science Education

To promote scientific literacy, the following goals for Canadian science education were developed as part of the Pan-Canadian Science Framework. This work was guided by the vision that all Canadian students, regardless of gender or cultural background, will have an opportunity to develop scientific literacy.

These goals are addressed through the Manitoba Science curricula.

Science education aims to:

  • encourage students at all grades to develop a critical sense of wonder and curiosity about scientific and technological endeavours
  • enable students to use science and technology to acquire new knowledge and solve problems, so that they may improve the quality of their own lives and the lives of others
  • prepare students to critically address science-related societal, economic, ethical and environmental issues
  • provide students with a proficiency in science that creates opportunities for them to pursue progressively higher levels of study, prepares them for science-related occupations, and engages them in science-related hobbies appropriate to their interests and abilities
  • develop in students of varying aptitudes and interests a knowledge of the wide variety of careers related to science, technology, and the environment