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Quality Literature List

Quality literature is necessary for building literacy-rich classrooms and supporting learners’ continuous development as authors and inquirers. Students need opportunities to explore both fiction and non-fiction texts, and a variety of forms and genres, for various purposes. The variety of texts used in Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Paired Reading, Guided Reading, and Independent Reading support conversations about text and about what authors do, provide opportunities to model, practise, and apply strategies Before, During, and After reading, and become examples for creating new texts. Quality literature is what makes up text sets that support inquiry and theme/concept exploration across the curriculum. These opportunities, which also provide learners with experience in choosing text, support student goal setting and reflection and formative assessment. 

The Quality Literature List presents annotated bibliographies of a range of authentic literature titles that have been successfully used by many classroom teachers and teacher-librarians. This list is representative of authentic literature selections that might be considered for classroom use and has been organized using the developmental stages of the current Developmental Reading Continuum (Phase 1) and stages beyond this first phase.

These titles are not reviewed through a Manitoba Education and Training formal resource review process, are not endorsed by the Department, and do not carry a Manitoba recommended designation.

Literature selections should be reviewed by school division staffs before they are used by students. In this way, community sensitivities and the perspectives of the student population are taken into account.

Other sources for children’s and young adult literature reviews can also be found in online journals such as:

Annotated Bibliographies of Literature Selections

The following lists have been organized using the developmental stages of the current Developmental Reading Continuum (Phase 1):

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