English Language Arts

Learning Resources

Manitoba Education and Training, in collaboration with educators across the province, reviews materials to support English language arts planning, teaching, learning, and assessment. The following documents contain detailed and thorough annotations to support educators in selecting appropriate resources for their classroom communities and various purposes.

Rather than identify resources as “recommended,” this review process placed focus on strengths, cautions, and considerations in order to support educators in making informed decisions. In this collaborative review process, reviewers examined materials submitted by publishers and used specific criteria to focus their review. Although some resources contain other parts, sections, sub-resources, and grade levels, reviews were only conducted for those submitted by publishers and those deemed appropriate for grade levels/grade bands.

The following documents will be updated as other resources are reviewed.

Other Learning Resources

Quality Literature List
Presents annotated bibliographies of literature titles that have been successfully used by many classroom teachers and teacher-librarians organized using the developmental stages of the current Developmental Reading Continuum (Phase 1) and stages beyond this first phase. These titles are not reviewed or endorsed by the Department and do not carry a Manitoba recommended designation.