English Language Arts


Developmental Reading Continuum (Phase 1)
This developmental continuum is a curriculum-based, formative (assessment for learning) tool for use by educators and students.

Listening and Speaking: First Steps into Literacy: A Support Document for Kindergarten Teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists
The purpose of this document is to help Kindergarten teachers and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) enhance the oral language of all Kindergarten children within the playful literacy learning work and talk of the Kindergarten classroom.

Reading and Writing in Action
This teacher support document and resource for instruction and classroom-based assessment consists of two vignettes that are windows into two different Grade 8 classroom learning communities. The learning/teaching contexts and strategies referenced in the vignettes are included at the end of this document to assist teachers in planning for the specific next steps in the students’ learning journeys.

Assessment and Evaluation documents are posted regularly.