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Understanding Music in Context

Understanding Music in Context (M-U3) »
Students demonstrate understanding of the roles, purposes, and meanings of music in the lives of individuals and in communities.


Students who have achieved expectations for this grade are able to

Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
demonstrate understanding of the multiple roles and purposes of music in society (e.g., for enjoyment, persuasion, social commentary, mood creation, spiritual experience, dancing)

5-8 M-U3.1

examine and explain own purposes for making music

5-8 M-U3.2

demonstrate awareness of the intended meanings and/or purposes of music encountered in own performance and listening experiences

5-8 M-U3.3

demonstrate appreciation of music as a means of experiencing the world and understanding the perspectives of others

5-8 M-U3.4

demonstrate understanding of ways in which music reflects and influences the identity of individuals and groups

5-8 M-U3.5

demonstrate awareness of the impact of context on musicians and their music (e.g., consider personal, social, cultural, geographical/environmental, historical contexts)

5-8 M-U3.6

demonstrate behaviours and attitudes appropriate for performers and audience members in a variety of music settings and contexts

5-8 M-U3.7

describe a variety of music-related careers

5-8 M-U3.8