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Creative Expression in Music

Creative Expression in Music (M-C2) »
Students develop ideas in music, creatively integrating music elements, techniques, and compositional tools.


Students who have achieved expectations for this grade are able to

Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
select, organize, and use a combination of ideas, elements, and techniques for composing and arranging musical pieces (e.g., select, refine, and organize motifs, choose form, dynamics, tempo, articulation)

5-8 M-C2.1

use a variety of compositional tools (e.g., variety, repetition, tension and release, transition) in own music compositions)

5-8 M-C2.2

demonstrate a valuing of risk taking as a component of the creative process (e.g., take risks, support the risk taking of others)

5-8 M-C2.3

recognize serendipitous discoveries and incorporate them into own music-making process, as appropriate

5-8 M-C2.4

collaborate with others to develop and extend musical ideas

5-8 M-C2.5