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Understanding Music in Context

Understanding Music in Context (M-U3) »
Students demonstrate understanding of the roles, purposes, and meanings of music in the lives of individuals and in communities.


Students who have achieved expectations for this grade are able to

Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
identify when and why people use music in daily life

K-2 M-U3.1

describe a variety of purposes and roles for music in daily life, in own community and in other places and times

3-4 M-U3.1

demonstrate awareness of the meanings and/or purposes (e.g., for relaxing, working, dancing, celebrating) of music encountered in own performance and listening experiences

K-4 M-U3.3

demonstrate appreciation of music as a means of experiencing and exploring own and others’ lives (e.g., feelings, beliefs, stories, events, cultures)

K-4 M-U3.4

demonstrate awareness that different groups of people have their own characteristic music (ideally, this awareness extends to the music of own cultural or social groups)

K-4 M-U3.5

engage and/or interact appropriately as participants, audience members, and performers

K-4 M-U3.7