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Exposures in Schools

Toolkit for Notification of Cases in Schools

Manitoba Education/Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living

Last Updated: January 4, 2021

Toolkit for Notification of Cases in Schools (adobe PDF 464 KB)

This toolkit has been developed in partnership with Manitoba Education, educators, and public health officials. Its intent is to support schools to intervene as quickly as possible to mitigate risk of COVID-19 transmission and keep schools safe.

  • When public health officials identify a school as a possible exposure location, they contact the school principal to collect the information gathered to identify close contacts.
  • When students, parents, caregivers, or staff self-identify as a positive case to schools, principals or other school officials are in receipt of this information before public health notification. Collecting relevant information as early as possible will help schools determine if interim school-level actions are required and will expedite processes once public health contacts the school.

This toolkit includes:

  • Steps for identifying close contacts in schools
  • Sample worksheet: “Case and Close Contact Form” that schools can use to record information they have collected
  • Definition and examples of close contacts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Templates for schools to issue letters/emails