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Guidelines for Transportation to Schools

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Wherever possible, alternative transportation to school is encouraged. Parents/caregivers/students may provide their own transportation, including carpooling, walking or cycling, to avoid possible virus exposure on the bus. Note that carpooling can also be a risk for transmission. For advice on how to minimize this risk, please visit

Where school busing is necessary, the following guidelines should be followed by school bus drivers and students:

  • Seats on buses should be prioritized for students who do not have alternative means to get to and from school.
  • Students with symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend school or be passengers on buses.
  • Drivers with symptoms of COVID-19 should not drive the school bus.
  • All passengers and drivers should perform hand hygiene before and after being on the bus.
  • Consult Transport Canada’s guidelines when considering a physical barrier between the driver and passengers.
  • As an alternative to installing a physical barrier, leave the seat immediately behind the driver unoccupied.
  • When possible and as weather permits, open windows to allow for increased ventilation.
  • There should be one student (or two students from the same household) per seat.
  • Special needs students who require a companion may sit next to their companion (treated as if they were from the same household).
  • Assign seats so the same students are seated in the same seats every day for regular bus routes.
  • As per routine protocols, students should remain seated in their own seats and should not move around the bus.
  • Maintain up-to-date lists of bus riders and drivers to enable contact tracing if required.
  • Children should maintain physical distancing (two metres) when lining up to get on the bus, and when exiting the bus.
  • Ensure there is enhanced cleaning of seats and other high-touch surfaces (e.g., windows, railings) before each new group of students attends the bus.
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