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Manitoba Education Fact Sheet: Graduation Ceremonies

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For schools wishing to host modified Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies, it is important to adhere to the limits on gathering sizes outlined by Public Health. Effective June 21, 2020, public gatherings of 50 people will be allowed indoors and 100 people outdoors, where members of the public are reasonably able to maintain a separation of at least two metres from others, except for brief exchanges.

For school divisions or schools contemplating outdoor drive-in graduation ceremonies (without limitation on numbers), the following Phase 2 guidelines embedded in the Restoring Safe Services plan should be observed.


  • A list of attendees must be maintained for 21 days to ensure that appropriate public health follow-up can take place if an attendee is exposed to COVID-19 during the celebration or ceremony.
  • For the distribution of diplomas, the diploma should not be directly handed to the graduate. Rather, it should be placed on a table for the graduate to retrieve.
  • Participants must maintain physical distancing of at least two metres at all times.
  • Participants are required to stay home if they are feeling sick or symptomatic. There is no option for sick or symptomatic participants to stay in their vehicles during the entire ceremony.
  • Participants must have access to soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Appropriate cleaners and disinfectants must also be accessible.
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  • Vehicles must be separated by a minimum of two metres.
  • Windows and sunroofs may be open, but doors and trunks are to remain closed.
  • Only participants from the same household may occupy the same vehicle.
  • Participants are to remain in their vehicles or to stand outside on the left side of their vehicle.
  • Participants must maintain physical distancing of at least two metres when outside the vehicle.
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  • The use of indoor facilities, such as washrooms, is limited to no more than 25 participants at any given time.
  • Physical distancing of two metres must be maintained for those waiting for washroom facilities.
  • Where washroom access is provided, frequent cleaning and disinfection must take place before, during, and after the service.
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  • If contact is required with any equipment, the equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Food/concession services that are provided should follow applicable restaurant guidelines, and payments should be accepted through contactless methods where possible.
  • All other services must be suspended, including picnic areas and play areas.
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Information in this fact sheet is based on the Restoring Safe Services: Phase 3 guidelines, and the Restoring Safe Services: Phase 2 guidelines for “Outdoor Drive-in Events”, as well as the Guidelines for Hosting and Attending Celebrations and Ceremonies document.