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Manitoba Educator Success Stories

Virtual Town Hall

Come One, Come All—Virtually
Seine River School Division

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École St. Norbert Immersion’s school administration, together with the Parent Advisory Council, held a virtual town hall meeting in mid-April for parents and students to share how they were managing and to identify some of the struggles and solutions for at-home learning. “This was an excellent opportunity for parents and students to have a voice into how teachers can better provide remote learning for families,” says Principal François Rémillard. “Dialogue and discussion are key to responsiveness in this extreme situation.” The ideas were then shared with other teachers and staff. For example, parents requested weekly lessons and that assignments be sent on Fridays to allow them to plan on weekends for the week ahead. Teachers are now interacting with students more online in real time to help them practise their oral French communication, and essential outcomes are being shared with parents to keep them informed and help them better support teachers.

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