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Manitoba Educator Success Stories

Keeping the Pathways of Learning Open during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovation through and through!
Lord Selkirk School Division

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Staff within the Lord Selkirk School Division have undertaken several innovative initiatives to ensure students continue learning during the suspension of classes.

They adapted their transportation routes to meet the need for delivery of materials, band instruments, and desk/locker contents to students at home. Physical education teachers have created challenges, such as guiding students to set up their own home obstacle courses at home (stressing the need for safety first!). Band teachers are using online apps to have students create their own arrangements. At one school, a drafting teacher had the high school students design clasps to give back to the regional hospital for the health professionals.

Guided reading and reading recovery have been enhanced with the parents learning the strategies alongside their child.

In a smaller school, the school principal goes on a community walk with each teacher, one at a time, to visit students at their homes—keeping in mind safe distances, of course. Many school principals have personally sung “Happy Birthday” from a distance to school children. A school talent show will “go on” virtually with the focus on music, mental health, well-being, and connection to community.

This demonstrates how staff have had to change how they interact with their students—and that is no small thing. It also demonstrates that personal connections and words of encouragement continue to be important during this time, and that ingenuity is key to keeping students learning!

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