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Helping Local Families in Need with Food Hampers

Community connections are vital—delivering food hampers and learning packages.
Portage la Prairie School Division

Local Families who need Food Hampers image

The outreach facilitators and our Community Connector in the Portage la Prairie School Division, with the help of school teams, have been preparing approximately 150 food hampers each week for families in the division struggling with food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. These food hampers contain both perishable and non-perishable items that comply with Canada’s Food Guide. Food is ordered and delivered to the schools each week, and hampers are assembled by the team and delivered to homes once or twice weekly. The hampers also include student learning packages created by teachers. In addition, schools are connecting with families via home visits, phone calls, texts, email, and other media platforms including Google Classroom/Seesaw Class, etc., to ensure that students and families continue to be supported during the suspension of classes. Providing food to families in need has strengthened relationships among families, the community, and the division and has also provided an opportunity for students to see school staff in person on a regular basis. Calls to local businesses for donations (either food or monetary) for the hampers has been met with great success.

A huge thank-you to staff for creating food hampers for families and to teachers for preparing individual learning plans and packages to meet the specific needs of each student. Ensuring every student has access to learning materials has been a priority for the division since the onset of the suspension of classes.

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