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Communication and Flexibility

Lessons from COVID-19
Christ the King School

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The key words that come to my mind that best describe our success are communication and flexibility. As educators, we have reached out to families by email and phone and through virtual meetings in order to continue to provide a quality education for students during this time. Teachers have been understanding and flexible with everyone’s situation. When planning lessons, we offer choices to parents in order to meet their needs. We offer online programs to supplement our lessons, and we offer alternatives such as paper-and-pencil tasks for those who may not have particular technological devices at home. Our school has lent out laptops to families who are in need of this technology. Staff have supported one another as we learn new programs to help deliver our lessons to our students.

Parents have also been patient and flexible with teachers as we have quickly implemented new programs, such as ClassDojo, SplashLearn, and Zoom. This truly shows how both parents and school staff come together to support one another during a time like this. A parent of one of my students sent me a photo of her little girl dressed in her school uniform on Monday, April 6. This girl treated her first day back to school after Spring Break just like any other school day, even though she knew that she was going to be learning from home and would not need to wear her uniform. She was showing us just how determined and dedicated she was to her studies! Another key word is variety. In order to meet everyone’s needs, we have incorporated a variety of ways to continue teaching during this time.

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