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Alleviating Stress through Effective Communication

Clear communication goes a long way.
Southwest Horizon School Division

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Southwest Horizon School Division teachers have focused on clarity of communication with students and parents to alleviate as much stress as possible during this unprecedented time. Teachers provided learning opportunities in two categories:

  • “Must Do” lessons/activities/assignments
  • “Could Do” lessons/activities/assignments

The must-do category is focused on literacy, numeracy, and cross-curricular lessons and is planned with the provincial guidelines in mind. The could-do category may include music, physical education, art, cross-curricular and/or cross-grade projects, enrichment activities, etc.

This approach allows for a wide variety of engaging, interest-based learning opportunities for students and assisted teachers in realistic planning. Parents are provided with a flexible plan that can be adjusted based on their family circumstances.

Staff members in the school division also recognize the importance of maintaining relationships with students, families, and community members. Staff hosted community building activities, such as a virtual escape room game for students and staff. Teachers meet with students in driveways for lessons; principals and students share bike rides, organize staff parades, and post signs of encouragement in windows and on lawns to celebrate 2020 graduates.

Having a clear and flexible learning plan along with good communications has helped to alleviate stress for parents, students, and teachers alike in the Southwest Horizon School Division.

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