Looking Forward

Continuous improvement of education are at the centre of Manitoba’s vision for the future. Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning has identified the need for ongoing long-term preparedness, response planning and collaboration with families, students, schools, school divisions and education partners.

What was learned will inform the next steps. Planning will serve to not only address health and safety concerns and the impacts of the pandemic, but to also redefine the definition of success in schools to include learner agency, responsibility, identity, and well-being in a complex, interconnected, and rapidly evolving future.

Response planning will focus on four top priority areas:

  • following health and safety measures as per public health guidance
  • promoting mental health and well-being
  • assessing and addressing learning impacts
  • vaccinating Manitobans through outreach and promotion

In addition, response planning continues to be guided by the following six COVID-19 response planning principles.

  1. Primary focus on health and safety and following public health advice.
  2. Importance of continuity of learning for all students and the need to assess and address short and longer-term learning impacts, along with a focus on mental health and well-being.
  3. In-class learning is best for students and is the priority with remote learning supports for educators and students when and where needed.
  4. Collaborative planning with families, students, schools, school divisions, education partners and Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning to ensure student achievement and success, and planning for individual student needs and circumstances as needed.
  5. Resources re-directed to ensure that students actively engage in learning during the suspension of classroom learning and throughout the pandemic.
  6. Responsive supports for students with special learning needs, students at risk and those whose parents/caregivers are critical service workers.

Check back often for future plans, which will be posted as available.