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Welcoming Our Students Back

What Educators Need to Know

On September 8th, students in Manitoba headed back to class in a safe environment.

Calvin Christian Elementary School
Evergreen School Division
Iqra School
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
Swan Valley School Division
University of Winnipeg Collegiate

What's New for Educators!

Manitoba government announced establishing a new remote learning support centre that will help support teachers delivering education remotely and help ensure that all students have access to and are able to engage in high-quality learning during COVID-19. For more information see:

Our Plan

Our shared goal: Kindergarten to Grade 12 students return to school with as much in-class learning as possible, while staying safe.

Our plan puts students health and safety first, along with the health and safety of teachers, staff and families within the school community. While schools are different this year, efforts have been made to minimize the impact on the classrooms as much as possible.

  • Kindergarten to Grade 8 students are to attend five days of full, in-class instruction per week.
  • Students in Grades 9 to 12 are in-class up to five days per week. The number of in-class days depends on the extent to which high schools can effectively implement two metres of physical distancing or the use of cohorts. Most high school students are engaging in blended learning, which is a combination of in-class learning and teacher-led remote learning, which requires students to complete some work on their own.
  • Students with special needs in all grades are to attend for five days of full, in-class instruction per week.

Key Guiding Principles

  • Safety, health and well-being for all students, staff and families is a priority.
  • High quality learning and assessment continues for all students.
  • Trauma-informed resources and supports are accesible for students, parents and caregivers.
  • Consistent, reliable and appropriate connection to school learning and belonging, for every student, regardless of location, barriers, special needs or challenges.
  • System-wide communication and collaboration will promote consistent approaches throughout the province.

We continue to work closely with Public Health, the Department of Families, and education and community stakeholders to support all students as schools continue to implement in-class learning.

For further details on the plan, view the following:

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