Canada 150 Plus

Canada 150 Plus

Physical Education/Health Education

The following resources are being suggested for Physical Education/Health Education, but they could facilitate an interdisciplinary teaching approach, supporting the integration of subject areas.

Canada Games Activity Challenge

The Canada Games Activity Challenge (CGAC) is an online activity tracking app for kids and a resource website for teachers that encourages healthy habit-forming behaviour through participation in physical activity every day. The program delivers physical literacy activities to teachers that are skill and age-appropriate for their students. The activities are also inclusive and adaptive to student populations, learning environments and equipment needs. Students can participate in school, at home and through bonus rounds; practicing physical literacy skills that will help them gain confidence and proficiency in fundamental movement, and preparing them for a lifetime of participation in activity, recreation and sport.

Levels: Early and Middle Years
Registration period to sign up for CGAC: November 17, 2016 – January 27, 2017
CGAC begins in schools nationwide: February 13, 2017