Back to School - September 2022

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Back to School - September 2022 coverManitoba schools are excited to welcome students and school staff back to full-time, in-person learning this fall. After more than two years of public health restrictions and periods of disrupted learning, students across Manitoba will be able to experience the full range of what school has to offer. Schools will offer the full K to 12 curriculum and all the extracurricular activities that bring the school experience to life. A variety of electives, sports, recreation, tournaments, band, and choir are just a few examples of what can be expected for the coming year.

As Manitoba teachers and school leaders welcome students this fall, the focus will be on re-establishing relationships and routines. To support educators and students, we have worked with school leaders, administrators, and partners to identify shared priorities for the upcoming school year by

  • focusing on re-engaging students
  • promoting mental health and well-being
  • responding to literacy and numeracy needs
  • supporting students with diverse learning needs