School Attendance


School-Wide Initiatives

Evidence-based Practices

  1. Alberta Learning, Student Engagement and Attendance Adobe PDF Document
    This article provides summaries of evidence-based practices that improve attendance.
  2. Walking School Bus
    A walking school bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults. Often the adults are employees of the school division and parents agree to have their children participate in the program.
  3. Incentives
    Attendance incentives are most effective when part of a comprehensive approach. Incentives should be part of creating a school-wide culture that supports engagement and works with the families to improve attendance.
  4. Relationship Building and Connections to School Programs like Check & Connect
    Check & Connect is an intervention model designed to promote student engagement with school, reduce drop-out behaviour, and increase school completion. A monitor/mentor serves as an advocate, mentor and service coordinator for the referred student and his/her family for two years, focusing entirely on preserving and enhancing the student's attachment to school. For more information contact the University of Minnesota, 612-624-6300
  5. Parental/Community Involvement
    Working with families and the school to identify causes of attendance problems and reaching mutually agreeable resolutions.
  6. Call Back & Out-Reach for At-Risk Students
    An advocate (retired teacher), who is familiar with the school and the supports that are available in the school and the community, is employed to call students who have not returned to school at the beginning of school in September. The advocate is hired for a total of ten days in semester one to follow-up and advocate for students who have not returned to school. Based on the information from the contact with the students and their family, the school would put appropriate supports in place to support the students return to school and continued attendance.
  7. Tiered Intervention to Improve Attendance
    Establish a tiered intervention model to improve attendance for all students.